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Frequently Asked Questions

No. If you have it, great! If not, we can look it up for you based on your address.

You are free to switch at any time and your service will not be affected. That said, some retailers charge hefty cancellation fees, so we encourage you to do your research before switching.

We do not charge any enrollment fees.

LEAP accepts pre-authorized debit, cheque, MasterCard, and VISA. We also offer a monthly discount if you choose our pre-authorized debit payment plan.

Yes. This credit happens naturally since power you produce will offset the power you take from the grid (pay for) on a monthly basis.

In the case of a power loss or emergency, you should call your local power distributor (ENMAX, EPCOR, Fortis, etc. depending on your area).

Electricity prices are set based on hourly need and production capability. For more information visit our learning centre


The regulated rate is a rate forecast by the regulated rate provide for your area. It is the rate that floating rate plans are based on and fluctuates from month-to-month with changes in the market. See our How Are Electricity Rates Determined page for more information.


Your Site ID is the unique number that represents the physical site where your electricity is delivered.



Regulated Fees – monitored and controlled by the Alberta Utilities Commission
Distribution, Transmission and Local Access Fees – delivery-related costs charged to Retailers by companies or municipalities for use of the infrastructure used to transmit electricity to your home/business. Retailers pass these charges directly to the consumer.

Rate Riders – additional fees charged on your bill to recover costs associated with a temporary change in the marketplace or factors outside of LEAP’s control. There are also cases where Rate Riders may result in refunds which would offset other charges on your bill.

Unregulated Fees – charged by your Energy Retailer
Administration Fee – covers processing fees incurred by your Retailer. At LEAP Energy we offer a discounted administration fee when you select our paperless billing and/or payment plans.

Consumption Fee – the charge you incur from your energy Retailer for your monthly energy usage. This charge is based on the rate you choose and the amount of electricity you consume.

Please Contact Us with any questions about your bill. We’ll be happy to help!

AT LEAP, we believe in helping you use less which benefits you across the board – green or not. A truly sustainable program is about energy efficiency and conservation so we are dedicated to helping you use less, not pay more.

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