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Lighting can change the way your business looks and feels.It can also make the difference between saving you and costing you money. 

Energy costs can be one of the biggest operational costs in an organization, yet many businesses lack the tools, knowledge and manpower to manage their energy efficiently.

As your partner in energy efficiency, our goal is to provide you with more support and sell you less energy;

a fresh approach on how your energy company should be working for YOU to

What we do

We understand that it may not always be easy or even desirable to set aside valuable working capital for efficiency upgrades even if they do have a significant return on investment. So, why not just use the money you are already spending every month in your current operating budget?

Our team at LEAP Energy can potentially help you complete many or all of your energy efficiency upgrades without any capital outlay. And we can safely manage the efficiency project for you from concept to completion. Our strict safety guidelines and prime contractor insurance coverage provide you with that added peace of mind.

Think of it this way… You have been paying for these efficiency upgrades every month for years, you just have not been receiving anything for it.

Government energy efficiency rebates

Whenever possible, products that are eligible for government rebates are used in our energy efficiency upgrade projects. Let LEAP Energy help take the guesswork and paperwork out of the way. You concentrate on your business and we will provide you with the efficiency solution best suited for your needs and, once approved by you, implement the solution from start to rebate application. We’ll let you finish by cashing the rebate cheques.

Steps to save

We will provide you with a report that details your current monthly losses, potential savings and return on investment of your energy efficient lighting installs. 

Have LEAP Energy Pre-Apply for your Government Rebates

Join the 2100 other business who successfully applied for up to $100,000 through the Business, Institution and Not-for-Profit (BNI) Savings program in 2017. Our experts guarantee maximum benefit to your bottom line by only using the newest, most efficient technologies that are eligible for rebate in all of our installations.

Enjoy 20-50% Savings on your Electricity Bill with your Efficiency Installs

Once you’ve received your government rebate approval, LEAP will show you how you can use this, along with your operating cost savings from reduced energy consumption to offset the cost of the retrofits. We also offer financing for the rest. It’s the perfect gift to your business that keeps on giving.

Benefits of LED

Making your business energy efficient is...


  • Apply for up to $25 000 in rebates through the Business Energy Savings (BES) Program.
  • Use your operating cost savings to offset the rest of the cost.


  • Save 20-50% on your electricity costs and consumption
  • Payback periods as low as 1 year
  • Increase the value of your business


  • Combat increasing operating costs simply by reducing your consumption
  • Change your lights out 3x less often with LED products
  • Enjoy 5 years of worry free lighting maintenance with our 5-year guarantee.

Save Even More by Switching to a floating rate

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