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The LEAP Advantage

LEAP Energy Solutions is Alberta’s first integrated utility and energy efficiency company focused on helping consumers control their energy costs.

At LEAP Energy, we marry the capabilities of a utility company with the expertise of an energy efficiency supplier to provide our customers a strategic energy solution. We don’t just want you to save with our low variable rate, we also want to help you save more by using less. 

Your strategic Energy Solution

Energy Auditing

We will show you your current monthly energy loses, potential savings and the return on investment of implementing energy efficient solutions. This includes tools, tips and information on what energy management solutions are right for you.

Lighting and HVAC Design

Our experts have over 10 years of experience in aesthetic design solutions, making use of the latest, most cost effective technologies to ensure maximum energy savings.

Government Rebate & Financing Expertise

In 2017, Energy Efficiency Alberta launched a number of programs to promote the adoption of energy efficient technology. We can show you how you how to offset energy retrofit costs using rebates and operational cost savings.

One, Floating rate

At LEAP, we believe our customers shouldn't have to hedge their electricity costs with fixed rate contracts. This is because pool pricing in Alberta has been historically low and variable rates, on average, have been 20-50% lower than fixed rates!

Power Monitoring & Energy Management Solutions

Leap Energy can help your business by showing you how to manage costs, uncover waste and improve productivity with real-time electricity monitoring solutions.

Tools, tips and information on energy savings

We're always looking for you to use less. This is why we monitor the industry closely in order to provide you with the most relevant information via our website and facebook.

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